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CRO Experiments & Testing

Data driven solutions for improved UX and conversions

Our strategic process involves extensive experiments and conversion testing to create a hyper-personalised user experience to turn visitors into customers.

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Data-driven Conversion Testing

When it comes to getting increased conversions for your business, there’s no room for guesswork. Our process involves extensive experiments and conversion testing based on hard data. The result? Increased brand impact without increased ad spend.

On average, our testing strategies can yield >30% uplift for your business. While this varies depending on your market, we’ve achieved results as high as 90% uplift with quick-wins. During our initial analysis of your data, we’ll be able to provide an accurate performance forecast showing expected results from our experiments.

Conversion Testing Program

Your testing program will be created based on findings from data analysis and qualitative research.

Once we have identified issues and defined hypotheses, we rank the recommended tests using the PIE index (potential, importance and ease).

Potential: how much improvement can be made?
Importance: how valuable is the traffic to the page?
Ease: how complicated is the test or deployment?

This ensures that we get the best possible outcome for you.

The overall goal of our testing isn’t about optimisation. We’re focused on the end result — maximising your profits.

Our Schedule

Our testing model is designed to roll over month on month to deliver ongoing insights.

We start every project with an audit and discovery phase. This lays the foundation for a successful partnership and helps us understand your business and marketing objectives.

CRO Process


Our data analysis and strategy planning takes between 2 and 4 weeks. We then deliver your customised optimisation testing and experimentation plan by the end of week 5. This plan assesses every conversion opportunity and obstacle that we uncover in our research. We prioritise the testing order so you can start seeing results fast.

Once your testing plan begins, we follow it up with 3 months of rigorous testing by our expert analysts. Our “rinse and repeat” testing and iteration cycles help us learn everything about your audience and how they interact with your site.

Every test is recorded and validated. We provide and implement recommendations for each test, with adjustments based on hard data. Our detailed reporting proves your conversion lift and its impact on revenue.

What’s included?

  • Technology review
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Heatmap + mouse tracking
  • Onsite qualitative research
  • Bug fixes
  • Testing program

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Thank you IMWT team for being a great support during the set up and roll out of this very new “Chatbot” tool.

With my curious nature, I was eager to launch the Chatbot to enhance the user experience onsite and of course as a new revenue generating tool. I was however skeptical at first due to the lack of manpower in my team and the risk of investment (time + money).

IMWT assured me that they will be with me throughout the process and I must say, they’ve done a great job at keeping to their promise and even going the extra mile to make the Chatbot a success story for Club Med today!

Thank you once again & our journey to take Chatbot to greater heights continues….

Tania FDigital Marketing Manager, Club Med

Always willing to help and offer advice and has even offered fantastic training. We don’t feel like a client, we feel that we work together as they are passionate about what they do in order for us to achieve our business goals. IMWT staff is highly skilled and are experts in their field.

I especially appreciate that IMWT are so proactive in ensuring that we are kept up to date with reporting and have been a major help with migration. One of the best agencies we’ve worked with. Cecilia is wonderful! Very easy to bounce ideas off, will offer advice and is not afraid to give constructive criticism which we need at times. We’ve been low in staff numbers and when we express this to Cecilia, she has always been quick to offer help from their end – pulls in resources from everywhere to ensure we meet our deadlines.

Rachelle DDigital Marketing Coordinator, Globus Family of Brands

We engaged IMWT a few months ago after considering a few different digital agencies. They stood out from the crowd as they didn’t just tell us how we should spend our marketing budget but more importantly what the return would be. IMWT provided us with an impressive proposal that included a detailed forecast of the results we could expect and so far they’ve exceeded this!

We’ve really enjoyed working with the team of digital experts at IMWT who’ve gone above and beyond to help us achieve our objectives.

Lucy BHead of Marketing, Geo Workforce Solutions