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473% Increase in Conversion with Remarketing Display for Globus

A PPC Case Study

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Increase bookings while reducing cost of acquisition.


  • 473% increase in conversion
  • 73% increase in click-through rate
  • 44% reduction in total impressions

Initial Situation

The objective was to increase conversions and bookings for Globus family of brands through remarketing display ads while reducing the cost of acquisition.

What We Did

To increase conversions and bookings for Globus Australasia, we targeted users who already showed an interest in Globus, Avalon and Cosmos brands. Our strategy was to create highly relevant ads and adjust bids for particular age and gender demographics. We targeted specific and highly relevant websites, including weather information sites to target users either going about their day to day or exploring weather information for their next holiday.

  1. Determined previously successful remarketing placements
  2. Optimised bids for key placements
  3. Provided continuous, daily optimisation to accounts
  4. A/B tested ads and expanded and optimised campaigns based on results
  5. Utilised all ad extensions available
  6. Mined search terms (applying negative search terms as needed)


We increased conversion for Globus by 473% through remarketing display efforts in Adwords, compared to the 2018 monthly average. We saw a 73% increase in click-through rates and a 44% reduction in total impressions.

While all key metrics are performing incredibly well, we have seen the most success with Avalon as we continue to hit historical highs. Key placements through weather information sites drove many phone calls and bookings from previous site visitors. These placements converted better than organic.

In one month with just a 7% increase in spend we saw a:

  • 47% increase in click-through rate
  • 45% increase in conversions
  • 39% increase in conversion rate
  • 27% reduction in CPA

Since taking over Google Ads for Globus Australasia we have consistently seen more conversions month on month. We have hit record highs for our client in total conversions for both Australia and New Zealand. Despite total traffic being down, through better targeting we have improved conversion rate, meaning we are getting less traffic but better quality traffic. This speaks to the heart of who we are as an agency, our motto being: “Traffic is nice, revenue is better.”

We have also substantially lowered their CPA. As of July 2018, Australia has hit a record low in cost per acquisition.

Despite a limited budget, we have ensured that our remarketing display efforts have outperformed all other channels for conversion rate.

Always willing to help and offer advice and has even offered fantastic training. We don’t feel like a client, we feel that we work together as they are passionate about what they do in order for us to achieve our business goals. IMWT staff is highly skilled and are experts in their field. I especially appreciate that IMWT are so proactive in ensuring that we are kept up to date with reporting and have been a major help with migration. One of the best agencies we’ve worked with. Cecilia is wonderful! Very easy to bounce ideas off, will offer advice and is not afraid to give constructive criticism which we need at times. We’ve been low in staff numbers and when we express this to Cecilia, she has always been quick to offer help from their end – pulls in resources from everywhere to ensure we meet our deadlines.

Rachelle DelgadoDigital Marketing Coordinator, Globus Family of Brands

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