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Ready to give In Marketing We Trust access to your Google Search Console? Great! We’re ready too. 

You don’t need to worry about sharing your login details with us. Below we outline the simple steps to add us to Google Search Console as a full user. Granting access as a full user is the most secure and efficient way for us to help you with your data, get accurate reports and check the health of your website.

You can grant user access at an Owner, Full User or Restricted User level. 

We recommend adding In Marketing We Trust as a Full User, so we can help you get the most from your account.

User permissions:

Full User
Restricted User
Property settings (geotargeting, preferred domain, crawl rate)
View only
URL Parameters
View only
Change of Address
View only
View only
User administration
See below
See below
Index Coverage
View only
Blocked URLs
URL Inspection
Fetch only
Remove URLs
View only
Rich Result status reports
Receive messages
Reconsideration request
Disavow links
Share report links
Link Google Analytics account
Add/remove property owners
Data highlighter
Verify fixes

*Restricted Users only receive messages that specifically affect them. 

Let’s get started.

How to Add Your Agency to Google Search Console

1. Sign in to

2. Select the correct property from the dropdown menu on the left

Google Search Console is sensitive to matching domain names exactly. This means you may have multiple properties that need to be shared with us. Please ensure you go through these steps for each property that needs to be shared.

3. Click on Settings in the left dropdown

How to Add Your Agency to Google Search Console - In Marketing We Trust

4. Select Users and Permissions

5. Click on Add User in the top right

How to Add Your Agency to Google Search Console - In Marketing We Trust - Add User

6. Under Add User, in the email section type in [email protected]

7. Ensure Permissions is set to “Full”

How to Add Your Agency to Google Search Console - In Marketing We Trust - User Permissions8. Click Add

Now we’re all set! 

Don’t forget to go through and add [email protected] to each property if you have multiple domains.

To find out how to add your agency to your other marketing tools and best practices on protecting your company, visit our access page for more information.

Kirsten Tanner

Kirsten Tanner

Editor in Chief at In Marketing We Trust. Passionate about content marketing and dogs. Loves creating long-form, evergreen and 10x content. Is mentioned in Guy Kawasaki's latest book.

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