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Eugene KorotkevichWe are excited to announce that we have recently appointed Eugene Korotkevich to Head of SEO. Eugene has over 13 years of experience in international growth marketing (SEO, SEM) marketing analytics and automation. Before joining In Marketing We Trust, Eugene was the Global SEO Advisor of Alibaba Group and Global Head of SEO of Lazada Group. 

Eugene will be heading growth marketing across our clients and will be working closely with Managing Director, Freddy Chanut who is eager to hand over the role.

“I’m excited to be working with Eugene to help grow the company and our client’s companies. With more business shifting to online retail, ecommerce competition will only increase. Hiring senior digital marketers with a deep knowledge of the ecommerce space is critical.

“As ex Head of SEO for Alibaba Group and Lazada, Eugene has experience with some of the fastest, most innovative regions in the world for ecommerce and mobile web: South-East Asia & China.”

Eugene is looking forward to digging into our client accounts immediately. 

“I’m looking forward to working with the team at In Marketing We Trust and making the role my own. We have a lot of exciting clients to work with and there’s a lot of opportunity for growth. 

“I’m also excited to be joining a fully remote team. I am passionate about leading international multilingual teams across multiple regions so it’s exciting to join an agency that’s always been remote and seen the benefits in this, rather than just now jumping on the trend. I’m sure we will have a lot to learn from each other.”

Kirsten Tanner

Kirsten Tanner

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