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Our Vision

To build a global team of experts, working together to solve tough marketing challenges.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2010, we’re a bootstrapped company which has grown exponentially in the last year. We think the current agency model is broken and we really believe we can build a better alternative — but we need great people to help make this happen. That’s where you come in.

We’re constantly growing and are eager to find people with a passion for learning and growth. If you love the thought of being in an agency that feels more like a startup, we might be a good match.

Career progression is decided by your ability to deliver, not your ability to play politics or by the cut of your suit.

We’ve got some pretty cool digs and have a chilled office vibe. Our Sydney HQ has epic views over the ocean in Manly, one of Sydney’s iconic surf beaches.

We are passionate about supporting our people and getting sh*t done. Learn more about our people & culture here.

Become Part Of A Global Team

Our team members are spread across 15 countries, 4 continents, 8 different nationalities, and 11 languages (and counting!). We search the globe to find the sharpest digital minds. As a result, we have a higher level of specialist knowledge than most other agencies can offer.

Our Recruitment Policy

We look for individuals capable of inspiring others, whether that’s our team, our clients, or the wider community.

If you’re only looking for a 9-5 day job to pay the bills (we call that a “paycheque employee”), enjoy fueling the fires of office politics/gossip, and would rather run away from problems than fix them – you won’t be a good fit.

What steps are involved in the recruitment process?

Our hiring process involves five stages.  At each stage we review the candidate’s submissions and interactions to determine if it makes sense to invite the candidate to move to the next stage in our process. It sure looks like a thorough process, but we build it this way to make sure that both the candidate and the company are a good fit for each other. 

Our recruitment process is truly a two-way street and we strive to be as transparent as possible, giving each candidate  the opportunity to get more in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the company and the role work and the challenges and opportunities attached to it, while meeting part of the Specialists and Management team.

We’re looking for

  •       Passionate individuals
  •       Creative thinkers
  •       Problem solvers
  •       Genuine and caring people

We Value Time & Education

We won’t care about where you come from, but we will care about you. We invest time and effort into training and coaching our team to develop the skills they need to be the best in their field.

When we work together, we’ll give you the opportunity to become a better person, not just a marketing pro. We do our best to accommodate a healthy work-life balance for team members so they can take time off to study or participate in philanthropic activities.


How many team members are there and where are they based?

Currently (2021) we have 30 team members spread predominantly across the APAC region.

Our team members are based in Australia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, France, Hungary and Romania. We are truly a global team and we search the globe to find the sharpest digital minds!

What clients do you work with?

We mostly work with Mid – Enterprise- level APAC companies.

Get a better understanding of the clients that we work with and the results that we achieve here.

What tools would I use on a daily basis?

As a remote distributed team, we need to make sure that we communicate and collaborate efficiently. In order to make sure that everyone is aligned and can work asynchronously, we have a number of tools that we rely on in our day-to-day work – you can find the list below.

Besides collaboration tools, our specialists work with a variety of software in their ‘Delivery’ work, in accordance with industry standards and requirements.


This is our knowledge base. We use Slite to document our internal processes, procedures, how-to’s (SOPs and templates).


This is our password management tool, we use LastPass for storing, creating and sharing passwords.


We use Zoom for company and internal video meetings.


This is our internal Project Management tool at the core of our service delivery.
We mainly use it to track our time, manage our internal and client projects, generate timesheets and manage deadlines and budgets.


We use Slack as our main hub for communication. Slack is our central messaging platform and it’s best used for quick messages, updates and urgent communication.

Google Drive

Files and Folders of the company are being managed in a Shared Drive.


Leapsome is a tool focussing on performance management, employee engagement, OKRs, and learnings. We use it for tracking our OKRs and KPIs, 360 reviews and gathering and providing feedback.


Donut is a software that regularly pairs up team members to meet and better know each other, in order to spread trust and collaboration across IMWT.

Through the tool, we encourage our team members to meet up and get to know one another. Using Donut Pairings is a great (and simple) way to build trust and improve company culture.

What does your culture look like?

Learn more about our people and culture here. You can get more information and insight tips straight from our amazing team.

How long does your recruitment process take?

Our hiring process involves five stages.  At each stage, we review the candidate’s submissions and interactions to determine if it makes sense to invite the candidate to move to the next stage in our process. It is a thorough process, but we build it this way to make sure that both the candidate and the company are a good fit for each other.

We try to move the candidates smoothly and rapidly through the pipeline – the process should take between 1-2 weeks.

How should I prepare for the interview(s)?

We know that interviews can be intimidating, so we put together a short list to help you better prepare for them.

  • Be on time on the scheduled (Zoom) call. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and both video and audio are functional.
  • Find a quiet spot – quiet means fewer distractions and, ultimately, better communication with the interviewers. We also encourage you to wear headphones.
  • Have an understanding of who we are, what we do and what we stand for – this is crucial, as we want to make sure that we are ultimately a good fit for each other.

Ultimately, we encourage you to be yourself and to enjoy the process!

Because it’s a remote job, why does it matter what time zone I’m in?

All of our clients are currently based in the APAC region, roughly 80% of them within Australia. In order to best service them, we need to make sure that communication (both internally and with the clients) is timely and on point.

Internally, open communication comes in two forms; being available to discuss things when needed and working out loud so others know where we are focussing our attention.

Availability to communicate between team members is key to achieving open communication. Working hours of 11:00-14:00 AET are expected for all members of the team (except Europe based employees) to help with being reachable.

What contract will I be on if my job application is successful?

At IMWT we work with both Employees and Independent Contractors.

According to the Australian (labour) law, employees need to have residency and/or tax residency in Australia. Anyone residing outside of Australia and joining IMWT will be an ‘Independent Contractor’ and the contract will be drafted as such.

As an Independent Contractor, you will be in charge of your own tax management, including health, retirement or any other insurances.

When and how will I get paid?

Payment is processed once a month by our finance department.

Independent contractors send their invoice on the first day of the month with payment processed in 2-5 business days (Friday is payday).

Employees are paid on the 15th of each month.

You only need a valid bank account – payment can be made in AUD, USD, EUR.

We make sure that all of our rates are on par (or above) the industry standard and that we foster a culture where payment equity is the norm.

What do we expect from our team members?

We value our team members and we always strive for long-term collaboration.

As part of the IMWT team, we’d like to see individuals who are truly passionate about their field and what they do, constantly trying to learn and improve themselves.

Because we are a remote company, all of our team members should be excellent team players, while enjoying delivering work on their own, taking ownership of their tasks and projects.

To strive in a remote-first and fast-paced environment our team members need to be solution-oriented, eager to get shit done and not afraid to ask questions, admit when they are wrong or challenge the status quo.

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